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A warm welcome to all art lovers.

We welcome you on our website and also in person in De Hal and in G-Artblok. From Sunday December 3rd through Saturday 9th both locations are open for all visitors, whilst on the last Saturday we will have a closing event in G-Artblok.

Normally we open the Art Fair on the last Thursday of October but due to special circumstances we were not able to do so. However, having no Art Fair at all was an option we did want to avoid at all costs, as only from 1980 to 1987 during the military years, the Art Fair could not be held.

And if we look at the enthusiastic participation from the Surinamese artists having the Art Fair, however later in the year and a little bit shorter than normal, it is still a good thing. Both for the artists as well as for the public who can enjoy the artistic works in person.

Due to all the uncertainties the participation from artists from other countries is minimal compared to the previous years which we regret very much. We promise you that we will stimulate the participation from other countries in 2024 again.

Also we will organize a few one-day events in 2024 together with for instance the Surinaamsch Rumhuis.

The art of the participating artist is for sale, and you can see all the work on our website and a short introduction of the participating artists.

We also have specials from Erwin de Vries, one of the greatest painters and sculptors we have had. He is an example for our younger and starting artists. Also you can enjoy more works from Anand Dwarka for his 20th anniversary as a painter, a jubilee which is special as he participates in our Art Fair with optimism and enthusiasm that is very much appreciated by everyone.

We thank everybody who has supported us and especially our sponsors some of which have supported us for more than ten years now. They are of course presented on our website.

Mrs. Monique Nouh Chaia and Mr. George Struikelblok we cannot thank them enough as they support us always and only with the goal of helping the visual arts and the visual artists. Truly special!

We hope that everyone appreciates the art in De Hal and in G-artblok and of course on the website as much as we do, so please go have a look and enjoy!

Michel Brahim