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Michael Wong Loi Sing

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Born in French Guyana in 1968, Michael achieved his Master of Fine Arts, Pedagogy and Art Philosophy. and is currently busy with exhibitions and art education as a full-time artist. He has had the opportunity to exhibit his work nationally and internationally in the Caribbean, Switzerland, USA, Holland “Stedelijk Museum’’, Suriname and French Guyana. He likes to research new materials, multimedia style and double forms. He makes various creations of his styles of art, which are Colorist, Dubbelform and expression in predominantly acrylic and natural pigments. Which relates to nature, life, heritage and reflection on culture and art. Five examples of his art are named, “Potpourri”, “Pin missie”, “Gout du Victoire”, “Cocktail” and “Mère Bleue”. None of which are based on or an interpretation of other arts.