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Maureen Ilahibaks

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In October 2021, I took my first steps at G-Artblok, under the guidance of my mentor, George Struikelblok. There, I discovered a passion that was previously hidden. With determination, I embraced the challenge, exploring and pushing my boundaries. From this journey emerged a series, a tale of growth and transformation. It’s the story of a woman who didn’t realize the inner beauty she possessed. But once she became aware of her potential, she began to dig deep, pushing her limits. In that process, chaos ensued, a tangle of emotions and challenges. Yet amidst that chaos, she began to find herself. Slowly but surely, calm emerged from the storm, and she learned to see herself as a beautiful flower proudly embracing her own beauty. Thus, this series is not only a reflection of my journey but also a celebration of the power of self-discovery and acceptance.