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My name is Chi, my artist name is Yumigudu, and if you’re Surinamese you know exactly what that means— Yu mi gudu; you are my sweetheart, my darling, my love. It’s a phrase that I used to dislike in the past because the wrong people expressed it to me. And then slowly, I decided to claim ownership of the meaning and clean the reason why I despised it so much. I did this in order to find my identity and love towards myself. Now the name holds importance to who I am, and it has transformed into a form of communication directed to my friends and audience. Three years ago, I left Suriname as an eighteen-year-old artist that painted, I pursued an education in arts in the Netherlands, which I did not care for, and then I left said education. It was then when I focused more on photography. I always enjoyed gazing at images, flipping through picture books, looking for that feeling that you cannot mark with words, as the weight of it isn’t enough. I am fascinated by the raw nature of photographers—bold, daring, naked. It was something that I wanted for myself. I yearned for the ability to expose myself without having to apologize for my actions, my vulnerability, my lack of being perfect. I didn’t want to hide anymore. I didn’t want to care of what people thought of me. I desired freedom. My work is a mix of different interests. It mainly consists of self-portraits, my life, my travels, and most importantly, my friends. In this exhibition I’m taking the chance in showing you a small mix of those different styles to my work. These are stories that I want to share as much as possible.