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Steven Towirjo

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Steven Towirjo is a self-taught ceramic artist. His first encounter with clay and ceramics was in the studio of his uncle, well known Surinamese visual artist Soeki Irodikromo, where he helped out as a part-time frame-maker. From the moment he got his first piece of clay to experiment with, Towirjo became hooked. Steven Towirjo creates ceramic sculptures inspired by the rich multicultural society he was raised in. His sculptures, which are made in predominantly natural earthy hues, are influenced by motifs from his own Javanese culture and other cultures as well. Also of great influence to his highly structured pieces of art are his brief time studying building design in school in Suriname, and later on, his years working in the building and construction permits department in the Netherlands. His affinity for fine art and architecture increased as he explored those scenes in the Netherlands, and elements thereof can be recognized in the textures and the compositions of many of his pieces. So influenced by the old and the new, by his heritage and by modern architecture, the artist manages to create unique works of art in shapes that are authentic, but also contemporary. In 2018, work from Steven Towirjo was included in the exhibition 6 x 6 Ceramic Tile, an exhibition in the IDB Staff Association Art Gallery in Washington DC, a curated exhibition with works from ceramic artists from IDB member countries.