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Serita Smit

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Eclectic and vibrant is how I would describe my artworks. I love blending techniques and to use contrasting colours.

Drawing and painting gives me a sense of peace and freedom to express. With my work I hope to spread the message of authenticity and expression.

As a child my twin sister Sheila and I always used our fantasies and we loved to draw and paint in our rooms. As of today, it is still my way to escape from the daily grind and tap into my inner world and creativity. Where I find flow.

My first real works on canvas have been made possible under the supervision of George & Meltem. They stimulate me to think out of the box and to take more risks on the blank space. It has helped me grow as an artist to get out of my head and create without limitations.

Although I have always loved painting and being creative, it is when I started taking classes at G-Artblok that I challenged myself more and to take the step to open myself upĀ forĀ audience.