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Reinier Asmoredjo

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Reinier Asmoredjo earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at the ‘Academie voor Hoger Kunst en Cultuur Onderwijs’ (AHKCO) in Suriname. He is recently retired from his career as an art teacher in secondary school in Paramaribo. The artist’s greatest source of inspiration is the cycle of life. Of special significance and strong symbolic meaning in his work therefore, are circles, often represented in the sun, fruit, or the female form, all elements critical to positive energy, fertility and ultimately the cycle of life. Animals such as fish and birds are often present as symbols of freedom. The artist is also greatly inspired by the fascinating diversity of cultures in Suriname. Maroon women in traditional garb, dancing or at work, traditional elements and women from his own Javanese background are particular favorites in his work. His compositions are carefully thought out and sketched in advance, and the artist owns a fascinating collection of sketchbooks that catalogue drawn miniatures of basically all of his creations. Although his work is mostly figurative, Asmoredjo is also known for the more stylized and abstract paintings that he likes to create every now and then.