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Normie Amatmoekri

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Born in the Netherlands in 1965, Normie has attended M.T.S, Mavo and Schoevers Opleiding, where she studied Engineering and Administration. For 20 years she has worked for health insurance company VGZ and is currently an entrepreneur. Between 2017 and 2021 she has had the opportunity to exhibit her work at Volksacademie voor Kunst en Cultuur with Soeki Irodikromo, Nationale Kunstbeurs Volksacademie, en Kunst Kijken en Kopen. She makes various creations in her style of art, which is ceramics. Five examples of her art are named, “Soeki, my Hero”, “Okopipi 1 and 2”, “Beauty”, “Vrijheid” and “Kotomisi”. None of which are based on or an interpretation of other arts.