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Malesia Murray Lowtoe

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Malesia Murray Lowtoe, a graduate of the Nola Hatterman Art Academy, has left her mark through various group exhibitions, including Wakapassi and Zus & Zoo, as well as the National Art Fair in 2022. Beyond her role as an accomplished artist, Malesia Murray imparts her expertise as an art educator, specializing in teaching drawing and painting. Her artistic style is deeply rooted in impressionism, as reflected in her captivating works that masterfully capture fleeting moments and emotions with a delicate and evocative touch. Malesia Murray was also the Nationale Winner of an Art Competition which was organised by Creative Techhub Caribbean and Anime Caribe in 2020. And she represented her country Suriname in de Caribbean !! Out of 95 Artworks she was chosen as the winner in Suriname.