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Luciel Becker

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Born in Suriname in 1940, Luciel is the founder of the independent art form, well known as WildcoastArt. He has more than half a century of experience in Flat Surface Machining and mostly keeps himself busy with thinking, writing, and talking about art in Suriname. From 1988 he has had the opportunity to exhibit his work at most National Art Fairs plus all SIAF’S, and abroad in Cuba, Guyana and Haiti. He makes various creations of his style of art, which is Digital Art. When making his art he improvises while working the flat plane. Through varied actions and different devices among which the computer. He ends up finding himself in a flow of pleasant and free sense of life, which makes what lives in him, begin to take form. Five examples of his art are named, “Ancient Decoration #1”, “Ancient Decoration #2”, “Ancient Image”, “Back in Time”, and “Space Image”. None of which are based on or an interpretation of other arts.