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Luciël Becker

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Luciël Becker, a seasoned artist, has been shaping the two-dimensional plane for over five decades, employing a diverse array of techniques and tools, including digital technology. Notably, his groundbreaking work emerged as an independent modern art form in 1987 under the compelling motto 'new concept, new result.' His artistic endeavors have been recognized through prestigious exhibitions such as the Wild Coast Art Festival '98 and the Wild Coast Art Exhibition '88 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Georgetown, Guyana. Currently, Becker is diligently working on an essay titled 'Naspang Sranam Kulturu Historia,' which he plans to publish during NK 2023. Renowned for his idiosyncratic approach, Becker's art continuously exudes a distinct ambiance, as evident in the compelling collection showcased at NK 2023.