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Hex | Pearl Brunings

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Pearl Brunings is an abstract painter, graphic designer and screen actress living in Paramaribo, Suriname who signs her work with the alias Hex. Pearl started her path as a visual artist at the age of 31, when she embarked on a four-year journey of learning to paint from two of Suriname’s most renowned visual artists. While learning, she quickly made a name for herself, participating in group exhibits and grabbing the attention of local newspapers and television. Having grown up in a town where “everybody knows everybody”, Pearl questions the prejudices and beliefs that come with living in small societies. The urge to break free, liberate her own mind and maybe the minds of others informs her work. She reflects these themes in vibrant colors, free brushstrokes and the many tools she uses while she works. At 51, after a ten-year period of focusing on her graphic design studio and bringing up her children, Pearl returned to painting and once again quickly drew the attention of the public eye. In 2021, she was featured in the French-Guianese Mitaraka art magazine, and in 2022, the two largest conferences hosted by the government of Suriname showcased her work among a select few other artists. With her other life goals mostly fulfilled, and her undying passion for painting, this time around, Pearl Brunings is here to stay.