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Geeta Biharie

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From my childhood I have loved drawing, painting, (visual arts), It has always been my passion. It fascinates me when I observe or observe something in nature and put it on paper or a canvas. Sometimes it is difficult to discuss your emotions with people, so painting allows me to incorporate my emotions, my intelligence about certain things. Visual art gives my life colour, joy. My passion for certain techniques and methods are highly developed, it stimulates, motivates me not to give up, and see how far I can go. My friends from G-Artblok, Mr. Struikelblok and his wife Asha, Ms. Angela Salmo Angela and my daughter Mahek are my biggest motivation not to give up. It really makes me feel good when they like my paintings, they praise my talents as an emerging artist. Mr. Struikelblok always encourages me not to give up and that each individual person is unique and paints an idea according to her or his own understanding level. The loving appreciation and patience which I get from G-Artblok makes me feel satisfied and shows that as an individual I should not give up easily in life. I like abstract paintings, it's exciting to watch people looking at my paintings to puzzle out what I actually painted, and my goal of paintings is to become more professional in fine art, where I can also be an example to other as an emancipated woman. 😁