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Elizabeth Ngadiman-Ramautar

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Born in 1990, Elizabeth learned to paint from her late grandfather, Emanuel Wong Loi Sing, her mother Lucille, and her uncle Michael. She is currently a teacher by profession, and she loves working with children, face painting at parties, dressing up as a character and singing. In 2021 she has had the opportunity to exhibit her work at Nationale Kunstbeurs. She makes various creations of her style of art, which is realistic, surreal, and abstract through acrylics on canvas, stones, glitter, dry petals and sand. Five examples of her art are named, “You're the Kiss That Puts My Soul at Ease”, “The Whisper of a Summer Breeze”, “Whenever I Get Close to You...You Wanna Run and Hide!”, “You're the Magnet..I'm Steel” and “Move Closer”. None of which are based on or an interpretation of other arts.